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Clinical Trials for Social Anxiety

It is normal to feel nervous in various social situations. However, in Social Anxiety Disorder, people feel significant anxiety towards everyday interactions. This anxiety can lead to avoidance, fear, and stress that is disruptive to daily life.

About the Study

Our research center aims to reduce social anxiety through innovative treatments. We are currently enrolling men and women between the ages of 18 – 35 who are diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder or believe to be suffering from symptoms of social anxiety. All study related visits, laboratory work, study medication, and all study related procedures including physical exams are provided at no cost to those who qualify for study. Qualified participants will receive compensation for time and travel. Other criteria for eligibility will be discussed with interested persons, without obligation, when calling the telephone number of your nearest site. Please go to our contact page for ways to inquire about this study.

More Information

Common Situations that are typically Avoided or Feared:

  • Attending work or school
  • Entering a room where people are already seated
  • Returning items to a store
  • Calling someone in public
  • Making eye contact
  • Dating
  • Attending parties or social gatherings
  • Using a public restroom
  • Easting in front of others

Behavioral Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder include:

  • Fear of interacting with strangers
  • Worry of embarrassing or humiliating oneself
  • Avoidance of being the center of attention out of fear of embarrassment
  • Intense fear and anxiety during social situations
  • Analysis of one’s performance in a social encounter after it happened
  • Expectation of worst outcome from a negative experience during a social encounter.

Physical Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder include:

  • Trembling
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle Tension
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Blushing
  • Nausea
  • Fast breathing

Social Anxiety Disorder arises from a complex interaction between the environment and the human biological system. Inherited traits, brain structure, and environment all can play a role in leading to intense fear, anxiety, and avoidance in social situations.

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